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Merrill Avenue

115 units of apartments & 5,000 square feet of retail

Merrill Street apartments provide mixed-use housing and retail opportunities adjacent to the amenities of Riverside Plaza. Pelican Communities integrated the project into Riverside Plaza through site design and pedestrian connectivity, redesigned Merrill Avenue to enhance the retail and pedestrian experience, and created a design solution with a high degree of architectural integrity.




Fox Block

Redevelopment of Parking Lot behind Fox Theatre

The beautiful City of Fullerton has the rare opportunity to develop a landmark property in the heart of the downtown, rich within the vibrancy that the city itself established many years ago. The vision for such a unique property should have a deep rooted soul that responds to the critical constraints of the site plus the values of the community and local citizens that call Fullerton home.


The diversity of local culture is a celebration and testament to the broad vision of the people that inhabit Fullerton.  Allowing an extension of what has already evolved over times artful insight and cultivation of balance – proper land use mix and diversity of uses, allowing Art, Food, Place, Gathering, Commerce, and Home integrated in a downtown setting.

North Beach Promenade

52 unit apartments & 7,500 sf retail

North Beach Promenade is located within a few minutes of walking distance from the beach, adjacent to the pedestrian walkway, providing true beach lifestyle to the tenants.  Amenities include bike kitchen, outdoor shower, surf storage & rooftop deck.


Plaza Almeria

42 townhomes & 36,000 sq. ft. of retail

Plaza Ameria is located in downtown Huntington Beach, three blocks from the Pier and has won 2002 CRA Award of Excellence for Mixed-use Development

Prospect Village

Livework & retail in Old Town Tustin

Sensitive to the historical meaning of the given location, the design team proposed brick veneer buildings with generous cornices, reminiscent of the existing, on-site UTT Juice building. To pay tribute to this characteristic, yet non-salvageable, building, designers proposed the re-use of the most beautiful cornice parts on the existing building.

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